octocopter drones


The Best Uses For Drones

Can you imagine opening the door of your house and seeing a drone delivering you the pizza you ordered just 20 minutes ago? This idea is getting closer and closer: today, drones are essential to facilitate, streamline and improve the work of hundreds of professionals who see in these remote control airplanes a prosperous future for people. Below are some areas where the drone application provides spectacular solutions.

octocopter drones

Home delivery with drones

The idea of receiving packages delivered by octocopter drones at the door of your house is already a reality implanted in several countries of the world. For the owner of small businesses, this technology allows to speed up the work, since road traffic usually causes delays.

Another company that has joined the fashion of delivering flying shipments is Amazon, which recently published a video on social networks promoting its new Prime Air service. Once this is implemented, millions of people around the world can receive their favorite products in less than 30 minutes.

Lifeguard drones

One of the biggest advantages of drones is their effectiveness at critical moments. These drones are capable of flying at a speed that can often help prevent disasters and save lives. A clear example is the ambulance drone, a prototype that the Dutch student Alex Momont has made to be able to carry all the equipment needed to treat and diagnose cardiorespiratory stops during the time it takes for the ambulance to arrive.

Knowing that there are inventions like this makes it clear that drones anticipate an almost unbeatable future for people’s health.

Drones to prevent natural disasters

Access to areas virtually unreachable by humans is another of the abilities of these remote control airplanes. Several researchers in the world, especially geologists, use them to control the areas that are most dangers to people. This is the case of volcanoes or forest areas prone to be burned.