Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets for 2021

Smart homes have gained a lot of popularity over the years. They allow homeowners convenience and ease in the daily mundane tasks. Apart from the convenience, they also look aesthetically appealing and elegantly fit with… Continue Reading…

SXC Scooters


What’s the Best Online Retailer for Electric Scooters?

Buying electric scooters sounds easier, but there are a number of things you need to consider to choose the right model. Choosing the right retailer specializing in the selling of e-scooters is crucial. In this… Continue Reading…

cheap tablet


Discover Top Tips for Buying Your Tablet

In view of so many different options and prices (which vary according to the hardware and the size of the screen), the user may be lost. Below are some tips for you who want to… Continue Reading…

octocopter drones


The Best Uses For Drones

Can you imagine opening the door of your house and seeing a drone delivering you the pizza you ordered just 20 minutes ago? This idea is getting closer and closer: today, drones are essential to… Continue Reading…




We all have that favorite toy we enjoyed when we were young. We all had that toy car that we spent hours playing with before the technology took over, and we traded our toys for… Continue Reading…



Huk-up: Your Hands-free Helper

While we are working in the kitchen, we have our hands so occupied that we feel that we need an extra set of hands to hold on to the kitchen towels, similarly, when we are… Continue Reading…

charging dock



There is no more straightforward method of charging an Apple phone than the use of Powerstate four in one charging dock. Powerstate offers you an exquisitely, powerful, and sleek designed technique to charge Airpods, Apple… Continue Reading…

Exo Power Bank


The Exo Juice Card Power Bank

Have you ever looked at the thinnest power bank? If you have not then you have stopped at the right place because the Juice Card by exo is the thinnest power bank ever created in… Continue Reading…

SecureMe 1


SecureMe – A Reliable Security Device When Dealing with an Emergency

Regrettably, the world is not getting any safer, especially when you’re out there. Therefore, it’s good to have a smart personal security device to give you peace of mind when you’re on the go, at… Continue Reading…

Jeevah 1


Introducing the First-Ever Yoga Smartwatch-Jeevah

Indiegogo has yet again introduced a historic Yoga Smartwatch called Jeevah. Jeevah is set to not only revolutionize the Yoga sport but also help in stress management among the rest. It will be a personal… Continue Reading…