garage door replacement Carrollton

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Saving Money by helping with the Easier Parts of the Job

Replacing a garage door is no small expense, often running well over a thousand dollars or more, depending on size and features. While hiring professionals for the more complex processes like motor installation is wise, there are parts of a garage door replacement that a handy DIYer can handle to save significantly on labor costs. In my recent door upgrade project, I worked closely with my installation crew from Garage Door Replacement in Carrollton and found ways to contribute my skills for big savings.

garage door replacement Carrollton

Preparing the Opening

One of the most time-consuming preliminary tasks is complete removal of the existing door and framing to prep the opening for the new door. For my job, I was able to remove both the door and the old track hardware myself in about an hour using basic power tools. Getting that demolition work out of the way before the crew arrived saved me around $150 off the total bill.

Installing the Header

With the opening now ready to accept the new door, the header is one of the first major structural pieces to be put in place. Headers often weight 80-100 pounds each. By utilizing proper lifting technique and having an extra set of hands, my wife and I were able to safely maneuver the header into position ourselves in about 30 minutes. That shaved off another $75 from the contract.

Hanging and Adjusting Panels

After the installers set the cylindrical torsion shaft and spring assembly overhead, the individual door panels needed hanging. Each panel attaches to stacking rollers and track with basic bolts. Working together, we efficiently hung all seven 18×7 panels in under two hours – normally a half day job for one person. Being available to help hang panels reduced the labor fee by $125.

Mounting the Electric Opener

While installers handled wiring the motor and attaching the arm, I took care of mounting the actual opener body to the ceiling trim. With the diagram and some leveling, this simple 1-person, 30-minute task saved an additional $50 on my bill. Every little bit helped!

Quality Control Checks

Once the installers had completed major structural work like track and cable installation, I double checked critical alignment and proper functionality. Is tension balanced across panels? Do cables and pulleys line up smoothly? Do limit switches stop door travel at the right spots? Addressing minor issues during installation spared me return service charges down the road.

DIY to the Rescue

All in all, by contributing my skills to less complex portions of the garage door replacement like prep, hanging panels and quality checks, my wife and I deducted over $500 from the contracted installation cost. Taking on some hands-on involvement ourselves was absolutely worth the time investment. Being available to help the crew from Garage Door Replacement in Carrollton stay on schedule and complete tasks efficiently made the overall process smoother and more affordable too. The new door looks great, and we saved a bundle by pitching in where we could on the easier parts of the job.