Training Courses


Elevate Your Skills with ISO 9001 Training Courses

ISO 9001, which embodies the concept of quality management, is the flagship of all the quality systems. Organisations from various industries attempt to adopt the standard so that they can run their business smoother and… Continue Reading…

Patch Management Techniques


Mastering Server Maintenance: A Deep Dive into Patch Management Techniques

Server maintenance is a critical aspect of IT operations, ensuring the stability, security, and performance of infrastructure. Within this realm, patch management plays a pivotal role in keeping systems up-to-date and protected against vulnerabilities. In… Continue Reading…

Readable Code


6 Tips for Writing Clean, Readable Code

As a professional developer, writing code that is easy for others to understand is so important. Clean, readable code makes future maintenance and improvements much simpler. It also makes collaborating with other developers a breeze.… Continue Reading…

iPhone Health Apps


Wellness in Your Palm: Are These iPhone Health Apps the Future of Fitness?

As technology continues to evolve, so does our ability to track and monitor our health and fitness. Gone are the days of relying solely on a pedometer or a paper journal to keep track of… Continue Reading…

Wave energy

Tech News

Innovating with Waves: Active Kinetic 1’s AWEC Technology

News is quickly spreading among the renewables community about Active Kinetic 1’s sea wave energy technology called Active Wave Energy Convertor AWEC. The AWEC has the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape. It’s clean, emission… Continue Reading…

2G Network Shutdown

Tips and Tricks

Norway Leads the Way in 2G Network Shutdown: A Strategic Move for Future Connectivity

Introduction Norway, a nation celebrated for its pioneering approach to technology and digital innovation, is making significant strides in the telecommunications arena with its progressive shutdown of the 2G network. This move underscores Norway’s commitment… Continue Reading…

Board of Governors


Nigeria-US IT Network . Elects New Board of Governors, Ushering in Era of Growth and Innovation

Nigeria-US IT Network , a leading non-profit Nigeria-US IT Network committed to building a network of Nigerian IT professionals, collaborating and sharing ideas and information for collective and individual growth by sourcing, analyzing, and disseminating… Continue Reading…

Star Citizen


Exploring the Verse: What You Need to Know About Star Citizen

Star Citizen has been in development for over a decade now, with developer Cloud Imperium Games continuously expanding the game’s scope and ambition. While still in alpha, Star Citizen offers players an immense sandbox to… Continue Reading…

AI Systems

Artificial Intelligence

How Companies Can Ensure their AI Systems are Fair, Transparent and Accountable

Ensuring Fairness, Transparency and Accountability in AI Systems As AI systems become more advanced and are deployed widely in society, ensuring they behave ethically and avoid unintended harms is critically important. Companies developing and using… Continue Reading…

Financial Risk Assessment

Artificial Intelligence

How AI is Improving Financial Risk Assessment and Fraud Detection

Financial Risk Assessment in the Age of AI Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how companies perform financial risk assessment. By leveraging massive amounts of data and advanced algorithms, AI is helping organizations more accurately identify risks… Continue Reading…