Is Your Garage Door Safe Read This List Of Garage Door Safety Tips!

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Is Your Garage Door Safe? Read This List Of Garage Door Safety Tips!

  1. Away from Children’s reach: Make sure the garage door opener control button is out of the reach of small children, it is better if you keep it at top-shelf so that they can’t play with it
  2. Owner’s Manual: Garage door comes with an instruction manual; it is advised that the owner should read the manual properly so that he is familiarized with all the specifics.

Is Your Garage Door Safe Read This List Of Garage Door Safety Tips!

  1. Visual Check: A quick visual check can save you tons. This helps you acknowledge that if the garage door works properly or does it need anything or something to be replaced. Also, this helps you to decide whether you can handle the problem by yourself or you need to call in a Garage Door Service.
  2. Replacement of parts: With the passage of time, some parts of the garage door should be replaced before it breaks down and causes damage to the car or any injury to the homeowner. There is always a need for garage door spring replacement every two years to four years and of cables and pulleys, every four to five years. There are few local garage door companies in El Cajon and Imperial Beach which offer their services at much cheaper and reasonable rates.
  3. On Vacation: while going on a vacation, unplug the garage door or you can use vacation lock on console security switch which makes the remote unusable, this is an optional accessory of garage door openers
  4. Never put remote control at obvious places: People usually put garage door remote controls in the cars which is a very commonplace, owners should keep these remote controllers somewhere only the family knows.
  5. Strong Passwords: Some people install a numeric keypad to unlock the garage but usually set simple pass code which makes it easier to break in, don’t do this mistake.

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