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4 Common Riding and Horse Myths

Although in general, it is very difficult to teach a skeptical person what is behind the madness of love for horseback riding, perhaps a short list of the most common myths could lead them in the right direction!

safety stirrups

1- Riding is rich sport

It is true that the account to keep a horse can be limitless, especially if we count that the goals of each person riding are different and may represent larger or smaller expenses. 

So we can ensure that horse riding is a sport for all those who want to devote their time to another being.

2- Riding horses is easy

Making it look easy is even more challenging, and most of us spend a lifetime training on riding skills in pursuit of this “look easy.” The riders who can present a horse as if they are doing nothing, or even seem to be riding, are precisely those who are busier in daily life training and sweating their shirts to make good presentations.

In addition, use suitable equipment while training such as safety stirrups that make the training professional.

3- Horses require little care

If you have any expectations of performance for your friend, you will notice that horses need to be regularly treated, fed, cared for and trained to be always healthy. Thinking about competitions requires even more care: regular vaccination, balanced diet, muscle preparation, exercise routine, constant physical training, hoof care, mane and tails, and so on.

4- Horses are like dogs but bigger

The horse’s form of communication and the response to human leadership is completely different from that of dogs. Dog owners quickly realize the difference in treating horses. Hugs and rewards with dog food don’t work well with horses. They soon realize that if they listen closely they will learn a new language reserved especially for their horses.