Exo Power Bank


The Exo Juice Card Power Bank

Have you ever looked at the thinnest power bank? If you have not then you have stopped at the right place because the Juice Card by exo is the thinnest power bank ever created in the world with the specifications of 10.5mm at 500mAh. People usually get annoyed by carrying bulky power banks with them along with their phones however, with the juice card, you can keep the phone and the power bank together and have your phone charged at all times.

Exo Power Bank

Seeing the “battery low” alert is one of the most upsetting alerts out there, you surely don’t want your phone to die in the middle of a party where everyone is taking pictures and videos while you are missing out on catching those memories in your phone. The Juice Card with its slim and sleek design which is super compact and handy, makes you less anxious and worried about your phone losing its battery. No more struggling with a bulky and old power bank because the Juice Card will make sure that your phone never dies. 

One of the most amazing features that this power bank is a certified wireless charging battery pack. So, while you are charging the juice card with your device overnight, you will look at the sign of “battery full” when you give it a look in the morning. It also allows hands free charging and driving with the help of the car vent clips. 

Usually, with bulky power banks, come cables for charging. Now carrying a cable along with a power bank becomes more of a struggle. The Juice Card is super lightweight yet it allows wireless charging so you never have to worry about keeping the charging cable of the power bank safe. This sleek power back weighs only 134g.

With the juice card, you don’t have to wait for the ordinary power banks to take hours to recharge your phone. Juice card ensures superfast recharge, it comes with dual qualcomm 3.0 Micro USB and Type-C port.

Do you have to devices that you want to charge? Well, with the juice card, you can recharge two devices simultaneously without any trouble. With the help of the charging port, you can go ahead and charge one device while you can charge the other device with the wireless charging.

There are so many companies which manufacture power banks but most of them fail to provide warranty. Exo goes one step ahead by providing you one-year warranty, what can get better than that right? You get a handy power bank which comes with one-year warranty so if you find any defects, or battery malfunctions or any other problem in the overall functioning of the power bank then you can use the warranty to get it fixed or replaced.

Why is the juice card your best option when it comes to power banks?

Ordinary power banks are bulky, space occupying, come with cables, take forever to charge the phones and are a constant struggle to carry around. The juice card which is produced by Exo is the best option for you all when looking for a power bank is because it is super thin, easy to carry, it allows you to charge two devices at the same time. You will not be worried or anxious about your phone’s battery dying. Say goodbye to the cables of the ordinary power banks because the juice card is wireless. The most important thing is that it charges your phone super-fast and doesn’t take a lot of time like the ordinary power banks.

Exo has been successful in creating their second product which is the juice card, their fast product is the exo wireless adapter for wired beats. Both of these products have received the US patent. The company is putting in all their efforts to make sure that the product is consumer friendly. However, the logistics of these products are a slight risk because shipping rechargeable batteries is a safety concern. The company is taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety at all costs. They are focusing upon the logistics and even hiring a company which will ensure the safety of the logistics. We are sure that you will enjoy this power bank much more than your old and bulky one. 

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