Autocap App



Have you always been the one who has been volunteering to take the family photo and sacrifice being left out from the group picture?

Then your time for being missed out from your family picture or group photo is over. To relieve you from the pain, app development expert Kevin Zarbailov is about to launch an app called Autocap.

Autocap App

Basics – What is Autocap App?

Autocap or Autocap app is actually a mobile application that captures real life selfies anywhere you want.  It automatically captures HD images anywhere you want using live HD imaging satellites. All you need for using this application is just a mobile device and you can take unlimited photos at a street angle or any other angle you want. So say “Goodbye” to those days when one of your loved ones had to sacrifice being missed out from the picture for volunteering to take photos.

How can I use Autocap App?

Using Autocap App or installing it is like using any other mobile app. All you need to do is just simply download the android or ios version from the app store and turn on your mobile location and that’s it. Everything else will be done for you.

When you open the app a live HD video will instantly pop up on the window of your phone or tablet. As mentioned before, you can take a picture from any angle using Autocap App, so all you need to do is just adjust your panorama view to your desired angle and click on the Autocap button and you are done!

Autocap App gives you 3 seconds at the set view before taking the picture. So it’s not that the photo will be taken while you were adjusting the view on your phone. You will have enough time in your hand to put away your phone and look at the right direction for the pose.

The photos taken using Autocap App is live! You have the options to preview it first and then either save it to your gallery or delete it and take new photos. You can also avoid previewing the pictures every time you snap a new one and directly save it to your mobile gallery.

Most asked Question – How much does it cost?

If you are worried how much this amazing app will cost you to download it then be at ease. You can download the Autocap App without spending a dime! With only $4.99 monthly subscription, you can enjoy taking unlimited photos anywhere and from any angle you want.

When asked the question of why the cost of the Autocap service is so inexpensive, the creator of the app, Kevin Zarbailov, replied in an interview that he wants the app to be affordable, easily accessible, and user-friendly.

Kevin Zarbailov also stated that his initial focus on creating the Autocap App was to simply help out a family or friends enjoying their holiday. Instead of being missed out from the group picture they can now easily use Autocap App and be part of the group photo.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Autocap App today and enjoy the beauty of life!