Notibuyer: Voice Meme, Shopping List, and To-do List Android App

Life has become more and more hectic. When I started using computers, I never thought that I would be forgetting any passwords – and there were not many either. However, the services I used on the web kept growing at a geometric rate. And then I wondered how I am going to remember all these passwords. I found the answer in the password managers.

Nowadays, passwords are the not the only thing I need help with remembering. I have to often go to the store twice – always forgetting something important. Coupled with a few forgotten calls and few important tasks, my every day is a forgetful day.

This led me to find an app that can act as a password manager for my day, where I can look for everything I need to do today, tomorrow, or the next week. Computer programs are not quite suitable because my laptop is not always with me. So I started my search with my Android phone. After trying a couple of apps that claim to bring organization to your life, I found Notibuyer on Google Play Store.


Although it did not have thousands of comments, I read its description and decided to give it a try. Notibuyer combines the functionality of a notepad, shopping list, and to-do lists. Previously, I used a text editor to take important notes. But due to the lack of organization features in a text editor, they often got messed up. Shopping list and to-do lists are also a mess in a simple notepad app. But Notibuyer is different. It has been designed specifically for these tasks and has features that make it very suitable for the job.

Notibuyer has a built-in list manager feature, and it stores voice memos. There are other apps to take voice notes, but one of the most notable features of this app is its ability to transcribe voice memos into text notes. This way, you have more search options for your memos.

It also creates to-do and shopping lists. You can add text and pictures to your lists. You can combine voice, text, and pictures to create the perfect lists and memos. And to take the full advantage of these perfect lists and memos, the app lets you share your notes and lists with your friends and family. This makes Notibuyer the social media of lists and notes.

Another feature that makes this app unique is its picture search feature. You can search any picture in google to find its matches. Here is the trick. Want information about a particular product while standing in a superstore? Take a picture of the product and search it on google with the help of this app. Chances are good that you will get the required information to make an informed decision.

The app is available for Android right now. However, the Notibuyer team has planned to launch an iPhone app soon. There are some upcoming features as well. Realizing that you may need to take a note anywhere, without prior planning, the app has an upcoming feature to make it easy to start the note taking process. You will soon see the shake-start feature of the app and start taking your notes.

After using this app for a while, I find it very useful in organizing my day-to-day activities, and forgetting is a lot lesser. In my opinion, it is a nice combination of different memo and organization apps. Switching between notepad, voice memo, pictures, and image search apps creates a mess, instead of eliminating it. However, combining all these features into one app is certainly a great way towards better organization.

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