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Machine translation is getting better and better. Google and Bing online translation tools are two examples of useful translation tools. Can we use machine translation instead of human translation? To answer this question, Russian Translation Houston translated a sample paragraph from Wikipedia. Let us see the results.

This is a sample paragraph taken for Wikipedia, and it describes some facts about river transportation in Russia.

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Google Online Translation (

First, let us see how well Google Translator has translated this paragraph.

The main thing in Russia is the Volga-Kama river basin, which accounts for 40% of cargo river fleet. Thanks to the Volga-Baltic, the White Sea-Baltic and Volga-Don Canal Volga became the core of a single water system of the European part of Russia, and Moscow – “port of five seas.”

Google has done a reasonable job of translating this sample paragraph. However, as one can expect, it is far from perfect.

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Bing Online Translation (

Now, let us see how Bing has translated the same paragraph.

Main in Russia is the Volga-Kama basin, which accounts for 40% of the turnover of the river fleet. Through the Volga-Baltic, White Sea-Baltic and Volga-Don channel Volga became the pivot of unified water system of the European part of Russia, while Moscow is “port of the five seas”.

As you can notice, Bing has changed some wording, but the quality of the translation is not comparable with human translation.

Still, one has to agree that these translation services are great for understanding the meaning of a text written in foreign language. However, if you want a professional translation, for example, you want to translate a book or a legal document, you cannot rely on these translation tools. However, you can contact a professional translation service, like Russian Translation Houston to have your translation done by qualified and experienced human translators.

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