Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to Get Presale Password

Have not any way to get a presale password? There are a number of tips and tricks about what to do to get presale password – you need not to pay any penny for a presale password (until it’s a right presale password.

Before looking for these passwords, you must know some standard presales. These are:

  • American Express presale – Anytime, one can use INGOLD when you need a password and you must have a American Express Card to buy
  • Citi card presale – Anytime, one can use 412800 and you generally must have a Citi Card to buy
  • Chase card presale – Anytime, one can use 541712 and hardly ever you need a Chase card to buy
  • Live Nation presale – There is only one password that works all year around (it is BOOMKING).
  • Live Nation presale (Mobile App) – Anytime, one can use COVERT while working on a web browser such as Chrome and there is not need any password while working on a mobile app

Other tips:

  • Register with radio station or stadium or theater for their newsletters to get them via email
  • Thesedays, Twitter is an amazing source to search presale passwords for major events, first find the event you like then find ‘presale’. Possibly, you will get some better insights
  • Facebook is also another good source. Only, you need to search artist’s profile or page and search the presale password there.
  • Stick together with Fan Club of your favorite artist (even though a few are common passwords and aren’t exclusive – for example, any person can use Jason Aldean, but there are only unique person who can use George Strait)

There are always many people searching for presale passwords to get good seats in their favorite events, so we discussed here about as much as we can. If you still need more presale passwords, click here for Presale Codes.