7 Remarkable Movies on Cinemax

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7 Remarkable Movies on Cinemax® That Are Worth Checking Out

Streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max may have redirected a majority of the attention to themselves, but this was not the case a few years back. Previously, TV channels like Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and several others were the go-to options for people seeking entertaining movies.

Fortunately, these channels still exist and are there to take care of you when your internet goes down and you are unable to access your favorite streaming platform. Simply by subscribing to a satellite service via DIRECTV packages, you can access a number of exceptional premium TV channels like Cinemax, SHOWTIME, Starz, Epix, and more. You may conveniently contact the DIRECTV Customer Service team for an instant subscription as well.

Anyway, the reason we are actually gathered here for today is to tell you about some impeccable movies available on the Cinemax channel right now. Follow us as we discuss each of them in proper detail.

7 Remarkable Movies on Cinemax

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

This drama is a tale about the journey of two teenage cousins from rural Pennsylvania to New York City. And the reason why these two young girls are traveling across the state, without any adults accompanying even, is because one of them has had the misfortune of getting pregnant without planning to.

Autumn (portrayed by Sidney Flanigan), the pregnant one, is petrified of what her mother (Sharon Van Etten) and stepdad (Ryan Eggold) will think of her, thus the reason for her traveling with her cousin Skylar (portrayed by Talia Ryder).

The Invisible Man

The story revolves around Cecilia (portrayed by Elisabeth Moss), who, shockingly receives the entire fortune that her ex-boyfriend, Adrian Griffin (portrayed by Oliver Jackson-Cohen), leaves after he commits suicide. However, his suicide is somewhat shady and Cecilia is not quite ready to believe her good fortune.

Soon, her doubts turn into fear when she senses the presence of an invisible being who appears to be after her life. Other notable actors joining this cast include Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge, Michael Dorman, and a few others.

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz tells the comedic tale of a crackerjack police officer from London. Officer Nicholas Angel (portrayed by Simon Pegg) has been transferred to a carefree police department in the Somerset village, where officers are not as dedicated as the protagonist.

After Officer Angel joins though, the village faces a mysterious streak of accidental deaths. Thus, our hero jumps into action once again with assistance from a local officer Danny Butterman (portrayed by Nick Frost). Other noteworthy cast members consist of Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, Robert Popper, and several others.

Defending Your Life

Defending Your Life tells the unique life story, or should we say the afterlife story, of Daniel Miller (portrayed by Albert Brooks). After dying from a bus accident, Daniel is taken to a place similar to Earth. The place, though, is designed to judge the actions of those who pass, and ultimately decide whether they are worthy of ascending or descending.

Daniel has had a not-so-righteous life and finds it hard to convince the judge that he is worthy of ascension. On top of it, he falls in love with Julia (portrayed by Meryl Streep), a woman with a sparkling track record of her life. Other Hollywood stars part of this cast are Rip Torn, Michael Durrell, James Eckhouse, and some others.

Twelve Monkeys

Launching way back in the ‘90s, Twelve Monkeys told one of the most fascinating time-travel thriller stories of all time. Starting off in the 2030s, we see convict James Cole (portrayed by Bruce Willis) being sent back in time on an intel-gathering mission.

Cole then finds himself in the ‘90s where he must search for the deadly virus that took out more than half the population on the planet in the future. Other celebrities joining this phenomenal spectacle include Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, Joseph Melito, and a few others.


Directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, this film tells the biographic story of former American President Abraham Lincoln (portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis). The movie shows the period of the American Civil War, where countless lives shed blood on the battlefield, while several members of the Cabinet are attempting to abolish slavery once and for all. Several other cast members part of this spectacle include Sally Field, David Strathairn, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


After going through a heart-shattering breakup, a struggling actor, Mike (portrayed by Jon Favreau), moves to Los Angeles to start a new life. There, his supposedly cool buddy Trent (portrayed by Vince Vaughn) teaches him ways to be cooler and how to charm women. Though, Mike finds himself falling for a simple girl named Lorraine (portrayed by Heather Graham). This new wave of romance provides Mike back with lost confidence and an all-new motivation in life. Several other actors like Ron Livingston, Patrick Van Horn, and Alex Désert are also part of this cast.

Wrapping It Up

These are the gems that you ought to check out on Cinemax at your earliest. And do not worry, there are boatloads of other exceptional titles as well on this enriched TV channel.