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SEO Checklist – How to Create Content to be Found by Google

90% of consumers search the internet before buying. In contrast, in more than 70% of Google searches, only the first few pages of results had clicks. What do these numbers mean?

Content works. However, to have better results, it needs to be optimized with SEO, a process that can be made simple with a good SEO checklist. For that task, many webmasters prefer to hire SEO Dublin services.

SEO Dublin

Want to know how?

SEO Checklist

  1. Define the keywords

Keywords are the heart of SEO strategy. They are the ones who will show search engines what pages are about. Pick one or two major and work with synonyms in the text so they don’t get repetitive. 

  1. Write optimized titles

The titles will become the title tag of your site and also the headlines. These are the most important meta tags as they are a priority for search engines.

  1. Create original content

Original, relevant and up-to-date content is the best strategy for good search engine placement. Avoid copying content from other sources as much as possible – duplicate content is penalized by Google. 

  1. Stay tuned for scalability and usability

Every page should be easy to view and use. To improve scan-ability, use paragraphs, headings, and inter-titles, as well as bold or italics when you think they will make them easier to read. 

  1. Optimize URL and meta tags

We have already talked about title tags and headlines, but there are other tags that need to be optimized. This is the case with description, which appears below the search link, and alt text.

  1. Use internal and external links

Internal links increase the permanence of users on your site. Already external links increase the value of the site to Google. The higher the quality of the pages your site points to, the better it will be seen by the search engine.