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SEO: Check out the Top Strategies to Appear on Google and be Found by Your Customers!

SEO Baltimore

  1. Choose the right URL

There are two URL options for your site’s sub-domains, the pages that are accessed from the main page: numbers or letters. By default, the most common of site building platforms is that sub-domains are numbers. Choose letters, as ideally the sub-domain should be the same as the page title.

This option makes pages more identifiable to Google’s ranking algorithms, increasing the likelihood that your page will appear in the top positions.

  1. Create titles and descriptions for each page

The page title appears when you place the cursor over the browser tab, it is the short sentence that appears. The description is not visible, but it is of paramount importance for your page to appear on Google. These two items are among the first things the ranking algorithm uses to determine ranking. These items also represent what will appear in the search result about your page. 

  1. Add description text to your images

Google has a great ability to read the text on your site, but is still crawling over images. To understand what each image represents, be it a photo, a graphic, or something else, Google’s algorithm looks for the description text, a very short and concise description of what is viewed. When writing the description text for the image, try to be as accurate as possible, preferably include a keyword related to the page.

  1. Connect your site to social media

Having a good Facebook page has a positive impact on your business appearing on Google. Be actively present on other social networks too, such as Twitter, Instagram and even Google+. These social networks drive more traffic to your site as well as increase page reputation. 

But be aware, it is not enough to be present. In addition, you can also hire SEO Baltimore services for long term results.