A 6 Point Checklist for Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

A Google My Business page is a small website that’s part of Google’s local listings, and located in the Map section. It gives your future students a brief summary of your business, with the added benefit of improving your total online presentation. It can also help you get a jump in your local SEO very quickly because it’s a lot easier to get high ranking with a Google My Business page than a standard web page.

To get all the benefits from your My Google Business page, ensure that you carefully complete the entire page with all the information asked for. Take special care regarding the following items:


  • Verification: To start, you have to claim your page and then submit it to get verified by Google. You’ve correctly completed this step when a checkmark and “Verified” appears beside your business’s name.
  • NAP: This stands for company name (N), address (A) and telephone number (P). Make sure these pieces of information are correct and are exactly the same for all the online listings of your website. Use your local telephone number instead of a toll-free 800 number so Google can see that your company is local.
  • Categories: Google indicates that categories have to detail services instead of mentioning business outcomes. For instance, you might want to mention that you have a fitness Studio and teach a Meditation Instructor course in addition to your fitness Studio, if you offer those services. It’s a good idea to list 3 to 5 categories.
  • Description: This is a brief summary of your business that wraps up with a call-to-action. Descriptions are about 100 to 200 words in length and use formatting such as: {Studio Name} provides professional {personal training classes, etc.} in {Location}. {Offer a little information about your credentials and/or why students really enjoy your classes.} Dial {Telephone} us now for 10% off your first lesson!
  • Hours: Make sure your hours of operation are up to date and accurate. They should be the same on all of your website listings. If you give lessons before or after your normal hours, put that information in another paragraph.
  • Images: Images help customers to really get to know you. They also demonstrate to your prospective students that you instruct engaging classes. Upload appropriate photos of your studio, your fitness classes in progress, and your teachers. Make sure your images are crisp and clear. They should be between 10KB and 5MB with a resolution no smaller than 800px x 800px. I also suggest to swap out the standard Google My Business background image with a unique, branded image.

When you have finally put together your list of keywords, the next thing to do is optimize them. This should be done on both on your Google My Business and website pages.