Baidu Top SEO & Marketing Strategies

Baidu is China’s leading and most popular search engine, giving a very tough time to Google in China. If you’re doing your own online business in China and struggling to get enough traffic and revenue, you need to avail services from a professional SEO company understanding all the pros and cons of Baidu SEO marketing. However, we’ve put together some handy tips that will surely help you increase your website ranking in Baidu. Let’s have a look at them below;


Your Budget

Before doing anything, you will need to decide how much money you can afford for the optimization of your website. You should consider both SEO and PPC. If PPC sound you a little expensive, it’s better that you should considering availing SEO services from a professional SEO company like Gentlemen Marketing Agency to get the best marketing plan at affordable price. For more information on this Baidu Agency, click here.

Optimize Your Website’s Name

If you have the right domain name, chances are high you will enjoy huge traffic. It shouldn’t be complicated at all. You may consult with a SEO expert prior to finalizing any name as going with wrong domain name could affect your SEO strategies. Always preferring investing in .cn domains as Baidu prefers such domains. Baidu prefers those names which are short and easy to remember.

SEO Friendly Content

That’s biggie when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Your content should be in line with Baidu’s current policies. Just like Google, Baidu also crawls website through a Bot called BaiduSpider. You should do some research to know how Baidu works to index sites. For your information BaiduSpider avoids pictures, flash files and other nontext content. It only reads text content, so you should focus on creating SEO optimized content instead of pictures and other nontext files.