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Contact Centre Outsourcing

Unlike other sectors of outsourcing, Contact Centre Outsourcing or CCO has had to go through its darkest days. But that was sometimes over a decade ago before events started to take a different course. The stigma may still there though as many businesses that were bitten are now twice as shy to embrace the idea of outsourcing their contact center services. While controversies still surround contact center outsourcing, there are those who have realized that it is just as good as outsourcing other projects, and even major brands are busy making big CCO deals as by now. For those who are still contemplating on whether to outsource or not, the following facts will help them make a good decision:


It is all about business process improvement

The nature of business processes regarding speed, cost, quality, scalability and flexibility affect the overall customer service experience. This is why businesses are now focusing so much on continuous business process improvement. To achieve this, it is necessary to scan through the existing processes to identify gaps that need to be filled so that the desired outcomes in terms of quality or quality are realized.  As usual, this requires training of those involved, technology enhancements and clear mapping of all the processes. For an in-house call center, this is an enormous process that will require a lot of resources to carry out and maintain. Contact center outsourcing gives access to established facilities with the right equipment and technology together with the skilled human resource that always assures of an improved business process.

The experts do good work

The main reason that businesses outsource is to get things to be done better without investing in it themselves. All they do is invest in identifying clearly what is it that they want to do for their customers and demand the same from their contact center service provider. Companies that have taken this approach have found themselves winning awards for the best customer services that were purely outsourced. Why is this happening? Outsourcers are specialist service providers with the excellently developed knowledge and skills to offer top-notch customer service, unlike in-house call centers who have limited customer care knowledge of a particular product or service. It is, therefore, obvious that the best contact center workforce that delivers excellent customer services are with the outsourcers.

Adapting to different call center scenarios is a must

Unless businesses want to receive a large number of one-time customers, they need call centers that can adapt to different scenarios to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. There are a large number of people who only buy from those who speak the same language and without a call center that is multicultural and multilingual it will be hard to satisfy and retain customers. Doubtfully, it is rare to find an in-house call center that can handle that effectively, but the majority of call center outsourcers do because they have good ‘call managers.’

Contact center needs the best technology

To have an effective multichannel customer contact, the best technology is required. It is possible to have the best technology in an in-house contact center but at what price? At least, outsourcers can spread the cost to its multiple clients, but it would be enormous for the majority of in-house call centers. The best software tools offer monitoring features for email, SMS texts, webchats, VoIP, social media and cloud-based communication platforms on a 24/7/365 basis.

Customers need an effective customer service whenever they need it and from anywhere and this is something that contact center outsourcing can offer to any business cheaply.