Tips to Make Your Web Server Secure


Tips to Make Your Web Server Secure

Having a secure web server system (รับวางระบบ Server, which is the term in Thai) is of paramount importance for your applications and your data to be as vulnerable as possible. The web is a place of free transit (to some extent of course), where the most different types of users navigate, from the most lazy to the most experienced.

Tips to Make Your Web Server Secure

Thinking about these types of users you can develop the most diverse types of web applications and many of them require some kind of data from these users so that they have better experiences.

But what to do to ensure the data security of these users who expect more and the best of each web service they use? Well you must watch over them by offering safe and quality applications and services.

Let us address here a matter as important as developing a secure application, let’s talk about your web server. Is it really safe? What do you do to keep it 100% available and functional?

Well, here are some very important tips for making your web server safer than it probably is today.

Pillars of information security

Information security is about ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, and irreversibility or non-repudiation of data, no matter what their value.

These pillars are essential for any application that involves some type of information transaction, whether it is local (applications, operating systems, etc.) or web (websites, blogs, portals, etc.) and should be treated with care and attention since without it you could lose everything you built.

What does it take to keep your web server secure?

Keeping a secure web server is not an easy task, because it requires time, attention and investment that increases exponentially according to the purpose of your applications, but it is not because of this that we will stop taking care of the little we have, and that is certainly something which generates some capital.