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Having trouble finding the right online source for the latest tech news and stories? No fuss, you aren’t alone as it’s a problem with every tech enthusiast wanting to get posted with all the latest inventions being carried out every day. I myself struggled a lot finding the right, reliable place where I can have all the latest technology news and stories.


My hunt to find the best online tech news source wouldn’t have halted if I weren’t referred to by one of my old school fellows. Firstly, I thought it would be similar to those who I’ve already tried and visited. But after getting registered with them through email, I found them so accurate and swift in providing the latest tech news. Since then, Techigy is my all-time favorite tech blog and I feel no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting to keep a close eye on the tech industry.

Upon browsing their blog, you’ll see latest tech news and stories showing at the top with following main categories on the menu bar – artificial intelligence, automotive, cloud, computing, general, gadgets, internet, how to, reviews, mobile and software.

If you’re after knowing how things work, you should click the how-to category to get the latest how-tos. Each category is updated regularly and they’ve a bunch of tech writers working very hard to provide you with all-inclusive tech news.

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