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Reviews Review is a website designed to bring together prospective employers and employees, the general public and volunteers. We are serving companies, non-profit organizations and private individuals. Finderz helps make your job or candidate search easy.


FREE / SIMPLE / EFFECTIVE / Easily advertise a permanent position, a short-term job, casual work or unpaid service. Finderz lets you offer any type of position: assistant, plumber, sales representative, … This is also the place to propose casual services such as lawn mowing, furniture removal, dog walking, …

Find a job, earn money, help out, … This is now easy with Finderz. Find out nearby offers, choose the trade that suits you best and propose your services.

On Finderz, opportunities are located on a map and tagged with a color flag. Each color represents an occupational category or a type of activity. Explore, look up offers and make contact.

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