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How To Become A Twitch Broadcaster

The online world is increasingly moving towards online video streaming, this is for a number of reasons. Internet connections are much faster now, allowing many individuals to stream in high resolution without nagging lag issues. There are also many opportunities from social to financial. Broadcasters can make new virtual friends while also doing what they enjoy most: gaming. What’s more Twitch is now open to other activities than just gaming, this was recently opened further with the launch of IRL.


You might think that gaming is a very male originated hobby, yet Twitch provides otherwise, with many gamer girls who are attracting many viewers across the site. It might sound vain, but if you’re model material, then you will find it easier to attract new followers – just based on your appearance alone. But, personality is more important, if you give off positive vibes, then it won’t matter how you look – you will gradually gain popularity.

If you want to become a caster, then you should first check to see if your internet connection is fast enough to handle the pressure of broadcasting. You’ll want a large upload speed and download too. You can find out here. 10+ is what you’re looking for with both download and upload, this is a minimum requirement for a lag-free gaming experience when broadcasting.

Don’t expect to get success, do not set this as an aim. Be natural and broadcast for the sole purpose of enjoyment. Then, people we gradually find you and possibly even become a fan of your channel. Have some nice graphics under your video, within the profile area, and tell people a little about yourself. You can even add a donation button – ensure you have a PayPal account. Those who a large audience can make a comfortable living thanks to fans donating. People donate because they enjoy streams and the casters.

Don’t be shy. You can ask chat members to follow you. It doesn’t mean they will, but they might. You shouldn’t ignore you chatters either, which can be easy to do if you’re busy gaming. Keep checking that chat and engage with your audience regularly. Be friendly.

Keep a schedule. This is useful as fans and followers will know when to visit your channel. Of course, this might not be easy for you, but if possible, it is recommended. You can then place the details about your schedule on your channel page to help inform people.

Don’t be false. Be who you are, some will like you and others won’t. This is just a fact of life. Sure, do your hair and look nice if you wish, but don’t go out of your way to be someone who you aren’t.

Surf other channels and let people see who you are, be a part of the community and be kind to other casters. One thing that happens is people can ‘host’ you, which is especially useful if they are popular.

Below are two examples of how to create a channel, you can see how they have created their profile page and the details:

Jane DS – lifecaster since 2008 who also does gaming and duct-tape wallet making live. Cooking is another new element to her show.

Dizzy Kitten – This caster once was apparently a very shy person who suffered from social anxiety. She now attracts a huge audience.

This guide was created to help you understand the basics of Twitch whilst also giving useful tips that can help newcomers begin their journey on Twitch. I wish you good luck and much success and enjoyment. Thanks for reading.