What is a Cloud Migration

Cloud migration at its core is the process of transferring all of a company’s existing digital assets it an application, website, IT resource or service from a physical server to the cloud or from one cloud service to another – allowing the company to access the migrated data via the internet with a flexible payment and scalability model.

Cloud migration involves data exchange between the customer and the cloud services provider that have their data stored and managed in different locations and are possibly using different technologies. You can imagine how this presents a number of challenges for the provider such as privacy, data integrity, application portability and downtime. but all of these can be overcome if you are using a reliable Cloud Migration Product such as CloudEndure.

It is well known that migration of an existing application to the cloud is challenging, often resulting in a long and costly project, triggering hours or even days of unscheduled downtime once the cutover is initiated. It is crucial to do it the right way.


CloudEndure lets you migrate your application, whether it’s physical, virtualized, cloud-based or mixed, to the cloud, easily and with near-zero downtime. It takes a short set up to get started and start migrating. CloudEndure creates an exact replica of your entire workload or application in the cloud, complete with the latest storage and configuration data. CloudEndure allows you to run non-disruptive tests to ensure that the replica works properly. When you are ready for the actual cutover, create an up-to-date replica in the target cloud location and redirect your traffic accordingly.

Because CloudEndure uses true continuous data protection (CDP) to move the data to the target location, there is practically no downtime during the cutover.

By running an application on the public cloud you can grow and shrink your application at a click of a button (or even automatically), pay for only the resources that you use, and never worry about IT infrastructure CAPEX and management overhead. When you opt for a cloud migration with CloudEndure, you get access to servers, storage, databases and an extensive range of application services that you can use over the internet. They take care of all the technicalities of owning and maintain the network connected hardware while you focus on growing your business by paying a fraction of the cost you would otherwise need to pay in order to build and maintain a network infrastructure in-house.

When you use a cloud services provider, you can then accelerate revenues by migrating application workloads or consolidating data centers into the Cloud, faster and without the headaches

CloudEndure’s technology does the heavy lifting of replicating the entire application workload and its application stack, consistently and using CDP, both to the cloud and within the Cloud. Continuous replication ensures that the application continues to run normally and there’s no need to play post-migration “catch up” games. Painlessly migrate your customer’s data centers into the Cloud. To learn more about Cloud Migration, visit CloudEndure website.