Internet Speed What’s Fast Enough


Internet Speed: What’s Fast Enough?

The internet has become an extension of consumers’ and businesses’ livelihood. Without it, companies come to a screeching halt, and when it slows, consumers start to lose their minds. But paying for the right internet speed is a bit of a mystery. You don’t want an internet speed that is so slow that you are waiting days for your streaming service to buffer, yet you don’t want to pay for more than you actually need. There is a solution to determining what internet speed is right for your needs.

What Are Your Internet Requirements?

First, you must determine what your internet requirements really are. Do you stream, download, surf, game or process? Of course, a gamer would need a bigger bandwidth than a casual user that searches online or pays bills once a month. Knowing what your total internet requirements are can help you understand how fast of internet service you really need.


Test Your Current Internet Speed

Now, you must determine what your actual internet speed is. Using online sites that measure your current download and upload speeds can help you see the big picture of where your internet is currently operating. This can help you set a benchmark and understand if you want or need something more robust to power your time online.

Frustration Or Satisfaction?

After testing your internet speed, you need to consider how your internet is working for you. Does it provide you with plenty of power to do all the things you want to do online or do you feel constant frustration? If you answered yes to the latter, there is the possibility that your internet is not fast enough for your digital needs. However, if you feel satisfied with the speed of your internet, it may actually be faster than what you need – costing you more. There is a very fine line between the two.

Speed And Usage

Your ISP provider should live up to the expectations and promises it has made about the internet speed you are paying for. (This is also where testing your internet speed can come in handy.) If you feel that you need more speed, you may want to add a second ISP provider to give you more options when it comes to using your internet, especially if you have multiple users in your home or business.

To determine your speed and usage requirements, you need to know the number of devices that you are using. Up to two devices that are doing simple web surfing and social networking can easily get away with 25 Mbps or less. Gamers or 4K streamers with three to five devices may want to ramp their internet speed up to 100 Mbps while users with more than five devices that are in a business setting or share large files or live stream will want to see their internet speed reach between 100 and 200 Mbps.

Pay What You Can Afford

ISP providers will tout that faster is better when it comes to internet speed, but it does come with a hefty price tag and in most instances will be overkill for your needs. Having an internet speed that performs to your requirements without lagging or dragging will be enough to keep you satisfied while you use it. Keep your budget in mind as well as the internet capabilities you need and find that happy medium that gives you quick enough service without paying for what you don’t need.

As you look to find the perfect internet speed, think about how much time you spend online, how many users you have, and how much you want to pay. You can secure the right internet speed that doesn’t cost you more than you expect and performs to your desired expectations.