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Website or Facebook – Which is the Best Option for My Business?

In the past, business owners looked to website developer Bermuda companies specializing in website development to create a website with only one purpose: to have a digital presence.

Today the story is different; websites have gone from simple digital platforms to digital tools to generate results, whether in sales or to become a reference company in their industry. Still, today there are companies that are unaware of the potential of the internet.


The fact that your company owns a website can not only bring you results, but it also gives your customer confidence and security when he is searching for a particular product or service that has to do with your business. Today, Google is responsible for 95% of searches, knowing that, do you really think your business is not meant to be on the internet?

Being on Facebook may seem like an excellent option for business owners . And it really is, being present not only on Facebook but on other social networks like Instagram and Twitter is becoming an increasingly common practice among companies.

Calm down, I know, we haven’t answered yet which is the best option to choose. The answer to this question is simple: Be both.

The fact that you own a website does not preclude your company’s need to have a presence on Facebook or any other social network. Let’s explain further: The site is like your company headquarters on the internet, there you will not only be able to acquire more customers but also archive important information about your company. On Facebook you will also get new customers, but we must remember that Facebook is a private company, and all the audience you have on it is owned by Facebook, not yours. 

In short, although they have similarities, they are two different things, and it is very important to invest in SEO marketing service.