Why Doesn't My Company Website Generate Results

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Why Doesn’t My Company Website Generate Results?

In the case of website development this is more common than we think. Some make a website just to advertise your business on the internet. But just being in the digital world doesn’t guarantee that your business will reach the target audience and generate results like a quote request or a sale.

Why Doesn't My Company Website Generate Results

To better illustrate, let’s name the deciding factors for your site to start generating results for your business that a professional WordPress web developer must consider:

Is your site responsive?

The responsive model changes the way the site layout is displayed, rearranging the information to fit the screen size of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) for more user-friendly and intuitive navigation. When the site is not responsive, navigation becomes more difficult and limited.

Does your website present your product simply and clearly?

Come on, it’s not because your product is complicated that you have to talk about it simply. Avoid very technical terms, as an interested customer may not know them. However, if really necessary, explain them in the product description.

How does your site appear in Google searches?

Let’s say your business is shoe sales in New York. When your customer searches on Google for “New York Footwear Sale”, where is your site appearing?

In order for Google to display your site in the first search results, there are several criteria that are taken into consideration.

Your site is slow to open, slow?

Providing a quick opening is the first step for the customer to continue browsing their site. Therefore, always hire a professional web design company that considers many factors that influence this aspect.

Does your site have images optimized and sized for the digital platform?

Keep everything optimized, so, when the site is accessed through a slower smartphone connection, all the content on the site will be adequate.