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Website Designing Dubai: Questions to Ask and Answer before You Get Started

Have you been considering website designing in Dubai? If so, the following article may prove to be very useful.

Here we will outline and define some of the most commonly-asked questions with respect to website design in the United Arab Emirates’ city of Dubai—questions you will definitely need to answer before you invest in a new website.


Website Designing Dubai: The Basics

There are essentially two reasons for turning to a website designing firm in Dubai.

  1. You live in, or have recently opened a division of your business in the city of Dubai or surrounding area; or
  1. You wish to market your business (or personal site) in the Arab world and you’re looking for a specialized touch that will make your website user-friendly and very engaging to the typical consumer living in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Whether you are living in Dubai and looking to attract a local audience, or expanding your particular brand to this part of the world, there are several questions you must consider before going forward.

The ability to answer these questions will help you find just the right website designing Dubai firm to meet your specific needs.

Website Designing Dubai: Questions You Need to Answer Before Moving Forward

Type of Business

Before you hire a website designing firm in Dubai, it is imperative that you’re able to articulate the exact type of business you own and the message you wish to convey with your website.

For example, is your business a:

  • Brand—a well-known company that is perhaps looking to expand to the United Arab Emirates and/or other parts of the Middle East.
  • Multinational Company—a product or service-related business with various offices around the globe.
  • Start-up— A new business trying to gain a foothold in the region of Dubai and perhaps even a market share.
  • Artist—an individual trying to sell art, music or literary works in the Arab world—or just trying to get noticed in this part of the country.
  • A non-business—Someone who owns a blog-style website whose message is applicable in this region of the world.

Because the different website designing companies in Dubai tend to specialize in creating certain types of websites, and work with specific businesses and organizations, the ability to define “who you are” will be paramount to the success of your future website.

Purpose of Your Website

Locating the ideal website designing Dubai firm is contingent upon defining the ultimate purpose of your website. That’s because web development companies tend to focus their efforts on specific “types” of website, whose main purpose could be any of the following:

  • Exposure—is the purpose of your website to gain local, national, and international exposure?
  • E-commerce—some of the most popular and certainly most intricate types of websites are those designed with e-commerce in mind. Website designing Dubai firms are experts at creating online shopping platforms, enabling both local and international companies to market and sell their wares to consumers in Dubai and other Middle Eastern cities.
  • Personal—Personal websites and blogs can be a great way of expressing oneself, however not all website designing firms specialize in these types of sites.

Other questions you will definitely need to ask and answer before investing in a website designing firm in Dubai include, “What Is Your Overall Budget for the Project?” and “In Which Language or Languages Should the Website Be Written In?”

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