How to Avoid Phishing Attach to Prevent Facebook Hacking


How to Avoid Phishing Attach to Prevent Facebook Hacking

People use different methods to hack Facebook account. The Facebook is also used growingly on mobiles that’s why mobile apps for example Appspy, are used to hack facebook account. Learn more about this app at The phishing is a method used on computer. Let’s discuss about it.

Hackers who use phishing ensure that the page, or pop-up window, is so compelling that you do not hesitate to enter your personal information. However, it is not so difficult to detect phishing.

How to Avoid Phishing Attach to Prevent Facebook Hacking

First of all, you should avoid opening doubtful pages, or clicking on ads, especially if they are on pages that do not have a secure connection protocol (https). These ads can redirect you to deceptive pop-ups that can cause you to fall into the trap of entering your account information. What’s more, the best thing you can do is not log in to your Facebook account on any page other than the official Facebook page.

Many hackers use links modified by themselves so that a false page is created by clicking on it. This fake page is specifically designed to make you think that Facebook is asking you to log in again, and, naively, “log in” from that window. By doing so, you will only be sending your private information to the hackers, so they have everything they need to access your account. So avoid opening links that make you distrust a bit, especially if they come from people you do not know or people with whom you have not treated much. Click here for more hacking Facebook.

Phishing can also appear in applications that request access to your Facebook account in order to access a specific feature, or to use the entire application as such. So it is also not recommended to install unreliable applications on your mobile device or computer. And if necessary, avoid at all costs logging into your Facebook account from there.