3D STL model


What is “STL Model”?

STL (StereoLithography) is a special file format used in the field of prototyping, namely in stereolithography. This means – “volume lithography.” It contains information used in the design of various parts. Its creator is ACG (Albert Consulting Group). Bulk object models can be printed on a 3d printer. You can download 3D model STL from 3dmodelmania.com website.

There are two options for saving information:
• binary code (binary);
• text form.

3D STL model

In the first case, the system speed is ensured, while the document takes up more space. The ability to create three-dimensional models based on the use of sequences of several triangles. Practically in all known 3D CAD-systems there is a description of high order surfaces. The object in the process of triangulation is divided into small figures, called facets. Each of them is described by 4 data sets:
• X, Y, Z are the coordinates of the vertices;
• vector – serves as a description of the orientation of the facet and points to the outside.

Before you open the stl file of the 3D STL model, you need to select a program. There are several of them, which allows you to choose the best option for the user. In this article we will study the file format, its features and consider several options for opening it.

Your activity is not related to any of the development described above? If you find a .stl file on your computer and want to know what it is, Windows will come to the rescue. The system will tell you whether you can open it or not. In the latter case, a window will appear on the desktop notifying you that the document is unavailable, with possible reasons or an error message will appear.

If this happens, you need to know which species the extension belongs to.

There are incorrect STL associations that can signal other OS issues. Invalid entries can cause slow loading Windows, system hangs and other problems affecting the performance of the computer. In this case, experts recommend scanning the registry for the possible presence of incorrect file associations, as well as other reasons related to fragmentation.

What to do if the file does not start? A simple and operational method of opening .stl – click the mouse 2 times. The operating system itself will find a way to open.

If the file does not play, check if the tools for viewing and editing it are installed on your PC. If it opens, but not in the software you need, change the current settings in the Windows registry itself, namely the association. In this article, we looked at the main types of files with the .stl extension, found out that, which applications included, identified popular methods, than opening the 3d extension of this format, the types of programs that are used for this.