Mobile Augmented Reality – Merging Online & Mobile Technologies Together

Mobile phones have become integral part of our life. I still recall a funny quote by a friend of mine – “I can leave my wife at home, but not my cell phone” – as he quoted this among us, everybody burst into laughter.

Indeed – Mobile phones seem to be an inseparable asset in our life. Long gone the days when communication system was based on gesture and then (as speech-evolution of human beings progressed) verbal. But situation of the bygone era changed. We have this system called mobile phone technology – to talk and express words.


Now, when augmented reality came into being, mobile vr technology was one of the other prioritized areas by some of the best AR firms in the world. Subsequently, they developed AR applications suitable for mobile devices based on Android, Symbian and other prespecified OS.

Today the work market witnesses immense growth of mobile AR apps from renowned firms.

What do they signify?

They signify their intent of maximizing mobile technology to the core.

They want to give the world an opportunity to see augmented real world – the world they have friends and family, the world they view nature’s beauty and many other things with eyes.

Is the concept of viewing augmented world real or fiction?

It would have been fiction until augmented reality was brought into conscience of the world. The terminology, when introduced, created a worldwide phenomenon. It was disbelievingly impossible to see real world in its virtual form. But it happened – thanks to augmented reality firms and their contribution to it around the world.

Today the concept of an augmented world is not a concept of fiction.

By combining futuristic AR technology together with mobile technologies, augmentation of real world was paved technically.

For instance, you hold on your smartphone camera onto a building for a while. The AR app installed in the phone will scan the object for few seconds before giving you an output of “augmented view” of the object on the screen of your phone.

Mobile AR in technical term –

Almost all mobile AR apps use location-based augmented reality technology to establish relationship with the static object being captured by a mobile device. This relationship is established virtually or digitally by inherit mechanism of the AR app so as to produce an augmented view of the real world object.

The term, ‘augmented’ stands for ‘improved’ reality of any real world object. Say for instance, when you view something in your AR smartphone, you see the object being represented semantically. That means, the particular object or data is interpreted in textual way that is overlaid on top of a real world object or data being digitally or virtually interpreted.

Mobile augmented reality combines online and mobile technologies. Considering that a major part of internet access worldwide is facilitated by the use of mobile phones, mobile augmented reality aptly paves the path of augmented view.It conveys an apt display of the real world in augmented version. Days to come will witness human beings wearing AR devices to watch augmented world around.