Ecigarettes: The Future of Smoking

Many people want to kick the smoking habit, but do just not know how. For decades, it has been proven that this is one of the most deleterious things that one can do for one’s own body. But people are psychologically hooked. However, there is a relatively new product on the market that can help someone kick the smoking habit and achieve a more healthy lifestyle. That product is the ecigarette.


An ecigarette looks a lot like a regular cigarette. However, it is made out of plastic which is imbedded with electronics and a disposable liquid instead of rolled up tobacco. The disposable liquid is a nicotine mixture. When a puff is taken on an ecigarette, part of this mixture is vaporized, with the nicotine delivered to the mouth as it would be if one smoked a normal cigarette. At the same time a puff of water vapor comes out which makes it look like one is smoking a real cigarette. Most models even have a red light emitting diode on the end to stimulate the red flare that comes out on the end of the cigarette when someone takes a puff.

The best benefit of the ecigarette is that the eliquid used inside of it mainly just contains nicotine. There is no tar, carbon monoxide, or any one of the other hundreds of toxic chemicals in tobacco.  The person smoking just gets the one ingredient that he or she is most likely biologically addicted to, without the other toxins. While there have been no long term studies comparing the health effects of ecigarettes versus standard tobaccos cigarettes, most people believe that do to the lack of carcinogens in the eliquid flavours, the electronic alternative to traditional smoking should much more better for one’s health.

Over time, the ecigarettes can also potentially wean people off smoking entirely, should that be their desire. Most eliquids some in several different nicotine strengths. These amounts can be gradually tapered down over time to the point where one is smoking virtually no nicotine. Many people have anecdotally reported being able to kick the smoking habit entirely using these devices.

There are many other benefits to using ecigarettes. Since there is no real smoke coming out, only water vapor, there is no risk of you poisoning your friends and loved ones with second hand smoke.  You are also much less likely to get people moving away from you to avoid the smell. Many people have been able to smoke electronic cigarettes in restaurants and other establishments that ban smoking since the horrible smell is not present. Additionally there is no need to hunt for an ash tray or worry about dropping ashes on your sofa or close.

Given the benefits of smoking with electronic cigarettes, the prevalence of traditional tobacco cigarettes should decline in the future. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, smoking electronic cigarettes also is a lot more economical because the devices are not burdened with the sin taxes associated with tobacco. If you really want to get off tobacco, consider trying ecigarettes today.