3 Rules of Playing Solitaire Spider Freecell Card Game

All of us have played the computer solitaire. Well, we are not judging why, maybe you needed to kill some time or had a slow day. Whatever the reason is, you can’t deny that some of us got addicted. To help out the addiction, a new android game, solitaire spider freecell card game has been released. Sure there are a few changes but if you want to keep up, read the following guide.


Move Aces

Even Novice Players know this, play the aces as they show up. If you are lucky enough, you can have a few aces showing at the start. If you can, play them first. If you are a good communicator, make sure you use this skill. If you are good with numbers, evaluate every possible move. The thing is, you need to use all of your skills to make good in solitaire spider freecell card game.  

Play All the Cards

As you are done with the aces, you need to start clicking on cards and make the red black chain. Don’t hold back anything on 2 or 3 as it will never help you. Play whatever cards you can and carry on even if they are not very strategic for the moment. Every time you play, a new card will show up and build the chain you have. You can’t reveal new cards if you don’t play what you already have.

Get Both Red and Black

Have you started a game and suddenly all you have is black. It seems as an omen and it can really make you cringe for hearts and diamonds. If you don’t have any reds, the game won’t progress at al. You need a mix of red and black in solitaire spider freecell card game if you want to win.  This can’t be one way only.