StrayaCoin – The Ultimate Decentralized Cryptocurrency Created by Aussies for Aussies

Are you on the lookout for the latest cryptocurrencies to take your crypto venture to the next level? StrayaCoin is one-of-a-kind decentralized cryptocurrency especially designed for Aussies. It employs mate-to-mate technology to provide its users with ultimate convenience and flexibility. Like other cryptocurrencies, it’s not operated or controlled by any central authority.


Issuing Strayacoins and managing transactions are performed by all of its members in the network. The early Australian businesses adopters accepting Strayacoin include but are not limited to D’ago Woodfired pizzera 2/12 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba Queensland – Glow Golf, Harbour Town Shopping Centre, NW F05 Star Cres, Melbourne Victoria – Brunelli Cafe 187 Rundle St, Adelaide South Australia.

Here’s what the team behind StrayaCoin says about their fancytech digital currency:

‘’Strayacoin is a fair dinkum, decentralized, mate-to-mate digital dollaridoo that you can use to pay davo back after a trip to the servo. Originally created on Australia day 2018, Strayacoin is a mineable cryptocurrency that has a capped supply of 25million coins and it has now hit Brisbane.’’

It uses an open source software called ‘Strayacoin’, which enables the use of this digital currency. To start your StrayaCoin venture, you need to use its official online wallet, which is fully reliable and secure.

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