Cyber Security Startups Are Gaining Traction in London


Cyber Security Startups Are Gaining Traction in London

In this tech world, everyone is looking for ways to secure their online assets. This has put cyber security services in high demand. More and more individuals are starting their cyber security business, and London appears to be taking the lead in the cyber security industry. This is because London is widely recognized as Europe’s tech capital and offers favourable investment conditions to London startups. People from all over the world prefer availing cyber security services from London-based cyber security startups and companies.

Cyber Security Startups Are Gaining Traction in London

What Exactly is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity, information technology security, or computer security is the protection of digital networks and computer systems. It refers to the body of practices, processes, and technologies designed to protect devices, programs, networks, and digital data from unauthorized access, attack or theft. 

Cybersecurity is crucial because military, government, medical, corporate, and financial organizations process, store, and collect a huge amount of data on computers and other digital devices. The major portion of such data can include highly sensitive and confidential information. To protect such information and keep potential hackers at bay, organizations hire cyber security services. 

Cyber security is achieved through an infrastructure that is usually divided into three main components: IT Security, Computer Security and Cyber Security.

  • IT Security, aka electronic information security, keeps both physical and digital data safe from intruders. 
  • Cyber Security is a subcategory of IT security. It protects only the digital data on your computers, devices and networks from attack, destruction and unauthorized access. 
  • Computer Security or network security is a subclass of cyber security. It employs both software and hardware to protect any data that is transferred between your computer and the network. This type of security is crucial to IT infrastructure, as it keeps the information from being changed, intercepted or hacked by cybercriminals.

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