Hookah – Aluminum x Heat Controller

Aluminum and the heat controller are essential Hookah accessories Montreal when making your hookah session. Used to avoid direct contact of coal with smoke and generate the optimal amount of heat, there is always a discussion about which option is best.


The aluminum is stretched over the bowl and the holes that are drilled allow air and heat to enter the essence, thus functioning as a damper. Stretching and piercing aluminum are the parts that require the most attention, as they are crucial to ensure the quality of a session.

The amount and size of the holes, as well as the way the aluminum has been stretched, can interfere with the amount of heat, duration, taste and flow of your session. Then comes a plus and minus of aluminum foil! It has more preparation options, which allows you to set up an ideal session, according to your taste, however, can make life difficult for those who are beginning the experience with the hookah.

Heat controllers are designed to make life easier for Hookah Montreal smokers. They perform the same function as aluminum, with some differentials – they are metal, sturdier and reusable, cheaper in the long run, easy to use and heat controlled and help to make the pull lighter. Just plug in, put on the charcoal, wait a while and enjoy your hookah.

What is more work is the time to clean because some of the smoke can burn and stick under the controller, which, if not properly removed, interferes with the heat that will be passed to your smoke in the next session. Nothing that can’t be solved with a good wire brush!

To conclude, we do not consider any option as the best. Aluminum and controller, each has its advantages and disadvantages, it is up to each one to decide what Egyptian Hookah Montreal suits you best!

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