Microsoft’s Windows Phone established apparatus are in great demand in the marketplace. The constant efforts are functioning nicely for the firm. If you’re also a proud owner of Windows Phone established apparatus, then you have to read this post out, as in it, I am going to coach you on the best way to take screenshot in your Windows Phone.


Actually, the screenshot attribute was included in the Windows Phone 8 just. In the event you have a device running Windows Phone 8, subsequently shooting screenshot is bloody simple for you, the same as the Lumia 1020. Do not panic! No, there’s not any characteristic that is official. By using third party tools accessible the app store, however, you can do so.

As I mentioned, screenshot on Windows Phone 7 may be shot by using third party tool. The name of that program/program is Screen Capture. Millions of Windows Phone 7 users have downloaded this program to do the job of shooting screenshot. It is the greatest option for the job in hand. XDA Developers Forum member fiinix develops this program. The Screen Capture program can be downloaded by you from here. The procedure to make use of the program is additionally supplied on the download page.


There’s an alternative program called Screenshot Software. This program allows you to take screenshot in your Windows Phone 7 apparatus when connected it with PC. This program can be downloaded by you from here.

When you have Windows Phone 8 apparatus, then you definitely do not want any third party tool for shooting screenshot. Things are not difficult for you.

In the Windows Phone 8 apparatus, all you must do is press on the Start and Power buttons in exactly the same time. During the shooting, the display of your device will flash and a regular photo-clicking sound is going to be there.

From that point it is possible to share screenshot with friends and family in every possible manner.

Obviously, there are tools for shooting screenshot available for Windows Phone 8. However, the official characteristic is really easy to make use of that you just do not need to waste time on any third party software. So, this is actually the process to take screenshot on Windows mobile established smartphones. Simply post in the comments below if you’re having any difficulty in shooting screenshot in your Windows mobile.